OPEN HATCH PTO POSITIONS for 2019-2020 School Year

Are you interested in becoming more involved? The PTO needs parents to chair/co-chair the following events and fundraisers:

Halloween Disco: We are in need of 3 co-chairs to help with games, decorations, and the costume contest at this event. You will be joining a well-established team.

Adult fundraiser: This annual outing can be whatever you want it to be. In the past it has been things such as bowling and a golf outing, but you will be able to make this your own!

Hatch Hosts: This is a brand new fundraiser that allows volunteers to host themed events in their homes. This chair would be responsible for recruiting and supporting hosts as needed.

Tiger Cash: Organize times throughout the year for the school community to purchase gift cards. A percentage of gift card purchases goes directly to the PTO. This is a position that is easy to do from home.

Restaurant Benefit Days: This new position is a low-stress way to help raise funds for the PTO! Simply coordinate three school-year fundraisers with Oak Park restaurants, where the restaurants donate a portion of profits for a specific day back to Hatch. Many restaurants already have fundraising programs established, so it is really just a matter of coordinating and communicating.

Teacher Experience Auction: Coordinate the Teacher Experience Auction that takes place during the Fun Fair. Gather the teacher's contributions, run the auction the night of the Fun Fair, and manage the payments from the auction winners. All work can be done from home on your own time - the only time you need to be at Hatch is for the actual auction. This is an established event that you can keep the same, or change up as much as you like! Run it this year with the current chair and learn the ropes to chair next year.

To sign up or learn more email